Merits Of Wide Plank Floors

Whenever you are choosing the type of floor to install in your house, most people do not consider the size of the planks, yet this is a crucial aspect.   The choice between the wide and narrow floor planks can be hard.  But will suit your house?   With the help of this article you will best know the reasons why wide floor planks are far much better that then thin floor planks.

 Wide floor planks are very easy to install.   The very space that one wide floor plank will occupy will be the same space the two of the narrow floor planks will use.   This is the reason why wide floor planks are the favorable choice because they take much lesser time to install them.  Wider floor planks are much lesser and a lot easier to install than thin floor planks.

 Whether the room feels a lot bigger or smaller will be determined by the size of floor planks that are installed. This is because if you have a small space, you need to make it feel a lot larger than it is.   The best way of achieving a much bigger feel to the room is by using the wide floor planks.   This is because the wider floor planks make you see the room a lot more broader than usual. 

 With wide floor planks, they have so many styles in the market.  When it comes to the style of the floor planks, it is determined by the type of grain that is on the wood.  This different styles can be rustic, Mediterranean or contemporary just to mention a few.   The elegance on your floor will be eliminated by the different styles of the wide floor planks.

The engineered wide floor planks are the best choice for your kitchen and bathroom floors.   This is because the areas in your house that are exposed to water are the kitchen and bathroom. You need the type of planks that are water resistant and durable.  With engineered wide plank flooring, they have a lower number of seams that are found between the boards.  This helps it to be water resistant. 

 Different varieties also mean that they come at different prices.   With these different choices you will be able to budget for the right choice.  This choice of affordable floor planks is applicable to both big and small spaces.   You can check out Oak and Broad wood flooring company to learn more about the various available options here:

 For you to have the best floor, you need to hire a professional who will diligently do that work for you. This will ensure that you get your desired floor. Find out more about modern wood flooring here:

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